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Michelle Courtney Berry, MPS, CISD, is an expert on the impact of stress on the psychology of workplace behavior, performance, and costs. Since 1990, she's empowered and inspired thousands of visionaries, entrepreneurial leaders, C-level executives, teams, and women around the world to take control of their health, wealth, and happiness. She is the CEO/Founder of Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC (an award-winning, NYS certified WBE and MBE) and the Founder and Director of America Rises, Inc. (a 501 C3 non-profit).

Michelle helps improve the quality of people’s lives by helping them better manage stress, time, conflict, and imbalance. Learn how easy, simple shifts can help you make giant leaps in your health, wealth, and outlook. Discover how miscommunication and conflict COST you time, money and hurt your health, relationships, and your bottom-line.

A humorous, intuitive, and sought-after wellness advocate and inspirational, former elected official in her city and in her Congressional District, a two-time TEDx speaker, and performer in the US, Canada, Africa, and elsewhere, Michelle is in high demand for speaking events, delivering keynotes, and facilitated retreat experiences. She was also the second Poet Laureate of Tompkins County.

As an intrepid orator, caffeinated risk taker, vegan, occasional fire walker, regular mountain climber, national award-winning entrepreneur, innovative trainer, and an internationally-certified Reiki Master Teacher, wellness coach, and group conflict negotiator, who once covered The White House and Capitol Hill as a young on-air TV journalist, Michelle devotes her life to helping visionaries achieve their most audacious dreams.

From her work with Ivy-League universities to the Fortune 500 to start-ups and with recognized leaders in corporations, schools, non-profits, industry, sports, technology, engineering, medicine, defense, industry, publishing, and hospitality, Michelle has appeared on: "Good Morning America," PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, iHeartMedia, in Gannett, Men's Fitness, O-Magazine, and elsewhere. She has also opened for and shared stages with international icons such as The Dalai Lama, Howard Zinn, and Dr. Maya Angelou.

The Founder of the registered trademarked Working Well, one day at a time® method and the Life Flow Plan ™ coaching system, Michelle has been a scholar at The Institute for Political Journalism at Georgetown and a summer scholar at Vassar College. She holds a dual-BA degree in English, Literature, & Rhetoric and Political Science.

Her graduate degree, from Cornell University, is in Organizational Communication and Communication Planning & Strategy, where she was a Cornell Fellow. She holds a dual-BA degree in English and Political Science from Binghamton University, where she was a Presidential Scholar, Scripps-Howard Foundation Scholar, and Commencement Speaker.

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