Founded by award-winning entrepreneur Michelle Courtney Berry in 1990, while she was completing graduate school at Cornell University, Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC (which "houses" her other business enterprises:  MichelleBerryCoach and Reiki Goddess), her small business enterprise is a respected player with national and international audiences around the world. 


Michelle and her team mentor, coach, speak with, support and share positive healing energy, tips, strategies and ideas to help inspire awesome, high-achieving, over-tasked leaders, entrepreneurs and women to make powerful breakthroughs that allow them to: 

* De-stress

* Feel safe sharing their stories

* Act with courage to press "reset" they can experience real happiness, good sleep, solid nutrition, ultimate fitness and authentic work-life integration."

"The person successful leaders and entrepreneurs turn to when they're stressed, stuck and need a breakthrough that will UP-LEVEL their lives and put them on the path to healing and balance!"  - Danielle Klock

Michelle is also a health journalist and former media and marketing expert trained in energy medicine. She is also an internationally-certified Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and  Usui Reiki Master Teacher in addition to being a certified Life and Success Coach and an internationally-certified critical incident stress de-briefer.