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Michelle's National Telesummit: "How To Heal from Stress, Get More Sleep and Experience Authentic Work-Life Integration"

9 am  PDT  (Los Angeles)  11 am  CDT  (Dallas)  12 pm  EDT (New York)  4  pm  GMT (London)


In this FREE TELECONFERENCE, you'll discover how...

Stress is the leading cause of heart disease, unhappiness and many types of serious illness. It also hurts your bottom line. 

Healing happens...

Learn free strategies that you can use
instantly, TODAY to heal from life-
threatening stressors and imbalances
that keep you stuck, frustrated and trapped. 

A new life is possible...

Learn the simple strategy that's helped
thousands find balance and authentic
happiness when they start living "in flow."

Michelle Courtney Berry is the Principal and CEO of Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC. As an intuitive healer and coach focused on helping leaders like you "heal your life" from the trauma of unmitigated stress, Michelle is 100% committed to helping you find IMMEDIATE relief from stress and tension in this entirely FREE, content-rich teleconference.