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Leader -3rd Annual Kindness Boot Camp for Women

3rd Annual Women's Bonding Bootcamp - Journaling, Meditation, Hiking & Kindness at Upper Buttermilk Falls, Meet at the Upper Buttermilk Falls Parking Lot - 

NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR!  ADVANCE SALES ONLY  - Don't Delay - This Event Always Sells Out! 



Bring your best friends, your daughters, your beloveds, your co-workers, your confidants - because you're going to spend an amazing, LIFE-ALTERING DAY with WOMEN WHO LOVE THE OUTDOORS and LOVE making a difference in our world and who DESERVE a chance to exercise, unwind and have fun in the company of other cool women. 


This is a mostly outdoor retreat with some shelter provided - with more information to follow for registrants.  If you've longed to get outdoors, hang with like-minded women who care about the planet and one another, then this IS the RETREAT for you - and it's led by yours truly, Michelle Courtney Berry,  a certified Life Coach, Hiking Leader, former Poet Laureate of Tompkins County and a seasoned retreat leader, meditation expert and Reiki Master who knows how to have a good time, help people laugh and move forward, literally and figuratively with their lives. 


Because heart disease, diabetes (type 2) and obesity are the top threats for women, with heart disease outweighing all types of cancers as the #1 silent killer for women, we need to focus on eating well and exercising frequently. A jolt away from our "creature comforts" and our excuses will get you on the right path toward health and healing. 

Most importantly, being in nature with lots of exercise and time for reflection will afford time for healing.  Women can also participate in fitness activities at their own pace and abilities. There is no "forced" anything on this retreat - just gentle suggestions and a LIFETIME of possibilities after.

IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE OUTDOORS, this ain't the retreat for you... :)  Don't worry, we have indoor retreats in the future, just for you!  ALSO -

This is NOT a retreat for women who are worried about bugs (just bring plenty of natural bug spray), their hair or makeup.   Rather, it's about focusing solidly in and meditatively inward on our shared weight loss and/or fitness goals and life aspirations. If you don't have weight loss goals and just want to come get fit-  all body types naturally, are welcome - but you will need medical clearance to attend (more details about that below)...and of COURSE we need to take precautions against ticks and etc. And we will be doing that SOLIDLY throughout our time together and dressing accordingly.  

Doctor Approval Required - Checklist(s)

Your doctor MUST approve your participation in this 'Boot Camp' - which includes:  being able to withstand moderate to strenuous physical activities, though your guide/instructor will help you modify the intensity of the exercise. 

Because of all the dietary restrictions in the world - we'll use a caterer that makes ALL types of food -and we'll share a hearty lunch together - BUT bring plenty of water, water bottles, any special snacks and medications, natural remedies, inhalers, a journal and hiking boots/sneakers/comfortable walking shoes and a yoga mat.  Also, bring your swimsuit and swim cap just in case we have hot weather - which we never know about in the Ithaca-area - even in June ;) 

So join US - for this very popular retreat that features hikes/walks, adventures and lots of chances to check in about why we carry around so much "weight" in terms of our shared burden, grief, loss and anxiety, love and longing as women in the world. 


For the cost of about one hour with a personal trainer or the cost of a massage, you get a FULL-DAY with an experienced retreat leader who has worked with thousands of clients over the past 20 years. If you're looking to be uplifted, make a BREAKTHROUGH,laugh, heal, work-out, play and chill out in the company of other GREAT women - then this retreat is JUST FOR YOU! 

Michelle normally coaches at $275/90 min in her sessions, so this is a great chance to get a lot of value for a great price that you won't likely see again!  So register, don't delay - as this retreat normally sells out each year - and this is our third year of offering it to women who care about the future of our planet! 


Arrive Sat. July 9

9:00-10:00-  Welcome - Fire Circle and Opening Power Meditation - Reiki

10:00-11:00 -  Introductions - Exercises - Journaling - Buddy System

11:00-12:30   - Stretching the Body and Mind - Hiking Boot Camp 

12:30-1:30 -    HEALTHY LUNCH BREAK 

2:00-3:00 -  Powerful Shifts in Mindset - Bonding Session and Meditation 

3:00-3:45  - Quiet Time - or Quick Swim - or Other 

4:00-4:45  - Sharing Love and Kindness - Shared Words and Wisdom

5:00-5:30  -  Shake it Til You Break It -  Line Dancing? Zumba with Cynthia Henderson 

5:30-6:00   - Closing Fire Circle - with Shared Words/Song/Healing

6:00 -           Departure 

6:30- 9:30 - Optional Opportunity to Have Private Coaching - and Catered Dinner with Michelle -  *(limited availability - additional cost - TBA later).

Facilitator:   Michelle Courtney Berry, is the founder of the hiking/walking group, "Enough Already! Get Moving, Start Losing," and a lifelong hiker and former athlete, working her way back to her high school performance shape and fitness. A Reiki Master Teacher and healer, Michelle devotes her life and two business enterprises to stress management, particularly stress caused by workplace relationships and personal dynamics at home and at work. 

Recently the #1 female finisher in national weight loss and fitness competition (with over 44,000 participants),  Michelle placed fourth in the nation overall and works our regularly with cardio, weights and with mindful meditation.  An author, trainer, speaker and a lifelong nature lover and hiking guide, she's committed to helping individuals de-stress, lose weight and other baggage, while being mindful. 

Over the past few years, she's walked on fire, climbed one of the highest peaks in the Adirondacks and is an internationally certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and critical incident stress (trauma) de-briefer.