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Michelle with Shanda Sumpter on "Moms Making Millions" National Summit

How to Make Time for You When You Have No Time - check out what best-selling author Shanda Sumpter and Michelle Courtney Berry have to say about self-care and YOUR health!

The message on this nationally-televised summit was "DO NOT SACRIFICE YOUR SACRED SELF-CARE!"  Although Michelle nudges women to put themselves first more, men need reminders too!  Remember, you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST before you can help others.

WATCH as Shanda Sumpter, best-selling author, and HeartCore business Owner interviews me and grab some REALLY great tips (and more free gifts) - on how to make self-care a priority! 

What Shanda says about Michelle:  

From Shanda Sumpter: 

Michelle Courtney Berry works with Mom Business owners to help them uplevel their lives around their self-care... which is about putting yourself up higher on your list, instead of what most mom business owners do, which is to put themselves last.

On this interview, Michelle shares how even if you feel like you have no time, you can practice the art of self-care.

About Michelle

Michelle Courtney Berry's award­-winning company Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to empowering leaders to ‘hack stress for epic success.’ Her high-­impact coaching, speaking and training programs have inspired and empowered thousands since 1990. A self-­healing expert, riveting speaker and intuitive healer, Michelle is also the author of several forthcoming books for CEO’s, leaders, parents and entrepreneurs, including: “7 Days to Working Well,” “Mother Land,” "Breathe" and "Whole Heart Healing." She has been featured as a workplace stress expert on PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, iHeartMedia, Clear Channel radio and in Gannett newspapers.