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Get Fit Before Winter Hits! Sign up today:

Get Fit Before Winter Hits! Sign up today:

Hiking, Biking, & Walking Meditations
Oct-Dec 2018

Find out what nearly 500 people already know. Michelle’s “Enough Already, Get Moving, Start Losing (weight, baggage, negative energy) club is one of the most fun area fitness clubs to join. Add in that its part of the new non-profit, America Rises, Inc. that she will launch in 2019. And its a win-win. So get on in!

Eating For Health and Spiritual Wealth
January 2019

We will start the New Year with a tour of some local places and spaces the value your health and wellness, with a unique opportunity to take a 21-Day Health and Spiritual Wealth Challenge. Sign up to hear more when the experience unfolds!

June 2019

We will be hiking and camping in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region and the stunning Hudson Valley region. Organizers are busy planning the trip and you can sign up below to be the first to learn the details as they unfold.