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Breathe. Meditate.

Michelle listed as a Best Meditation Expert by PeopleMaven

Michelle cited as one of 10 meditation experts by Asaya Mind.

Michelle called one of 9 Meditation Experts to Follow to Improve Your Life by Self-Thrive.

In the photo above, I was preparing to teach meditation to over 70 visionaries, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and other business leaders and visionaries from around the world at the annual Awesomeness Fest organized by the global wellness company Mindvalley.com. I was doubly-psyched because back home in New York, it was sleeting, but I was in balmy Mexico by the ocean! Woot! Woot! Teaching meditation is my passion and I’ve done so for nearly 20 years.

I’ve taught children and adults of all ages, in historical community centers, at retreats, in preschools, inside K-12 schools, within colleges and universities, in juvenile detention centers and prisons, with corporations, start-ups, government entities, and more.

I offer easy-to-learn meditation training and intuitive, energetic Reiki - a Japanese form of hands-on energy healing passed down from ancient teachers and healers. As an internationally-certified Health and Wellness Coach, meditation teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, stress reduction expert and group conflict negotiator,I love teaching beginning meditation, which is easy to learn, and provides a lifetime of healing. "For me, it's not as much about "clearing your mind," but rather, paying attention to your thoughts.” The benefits of meditation don't end when your meditation session ends, either! Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day and may help you manage symptoms of certain medical conditions. (Source:  Mayo Clinic).