Entrepreneur, Lead Singer

"Absolutely love this woman...she is the truth and the real deal. She's an amazing life force, coach and retreat leader. She really understands my business and has supported me in my growth at every turn. Michelle is awesomely beautiful inside and out!"

SVANTE MYRICK, Mayor, City of Ithaca

"Michelle is a truly gifted coach and amazing speaker. She helped me unlock my own potential, not by teaching me, not by giving me something that wasn't already inside myself, but having faith in me and showing me how to transform my life. I'm a product of her teachings."


"As a classic 'Type A' executive, I've found working with Michelle absolutely transformative on every level. I've learned to meditate. I've discovered true balance. Michelle has been a remarkable coach, intuitive healer and steadfast confidant." 

MORGAN DANIELS, Global Traveler, San Diego, CA

"Michelle, your reiki session and meditation transitioned me from a place of many blockages and great discomfort, to a place of energized vitality and overall wellness. I can't thank you enough for your gifts. I was able to continue on my path without discomfort and pain."

PRIYANKA HALLI, MD, Psychiatrist, Vancouver, British Columbia

"You've changed my life forever. I missed your voice today in my morning meditation back at home, but was able to channel the way you made me feel that morning at our retreat. You have a way to connect people to the Divine and I hope you feel how special you are! 

PATRICK TYRANCE, JR., MD, Harvard University Medical School

"Thank you for your presence and the gifts you shared. Love always wins!"


Spiritual Healer, Durham, NC

"You rock, Michelle Courtney Berry! I loved meditating this morning with you.Thank you for sharing your healing energy, beautiful soul. Big love to you and your nurturing spirit. I am enriched by your presence!"

CORNELL UNIVERSITY:  Employee Newsletter

"Graced with a sense of humor, artistic sensibility and limitless talent, alumna Michelle Courtney Berry has been an area legislator, entrepreneur, journalist, teacher, consultant, performer and poet."

ROCIO (ROSE) GOMEZ, University of San Diego, California

"Michelle, you intuitively sensed my pain and discomfort and after a few moments, your reiki energy released me from the painful place I had been in. Thank you! "


CEO/Founder Marquee Global Coaching & Professional Development, New Milford, CT

"Michelle thank you for sharing from such an authentic place. I am super blessed to have you as my 'amiga' and so looking forward for the expansion of the relationship. You are a bright light, keep shining."


Human Rights Activist and Former Member of Ithaca's Common Council

"Your poem to civil rights icon Dorothy Cotton and your recitation reached heights of emotion that moved everyone at the State Theatre to their feet. My heart jumped in my chest."

ABBY ELLER, Former Director, Cornell Summer College

"Michelle Berry was a dynamic instructor at Cornell University. She designed and executed an innovative, creative program in Communication. I would describe her as an excellent presenter who relates well with her students."



Former Chair, Tompkins County Legislature

"I consistently enjoyed working with Michelle in her capacity as an Alderperson with the City of Ithaca. She was professional, insightful, most definitely a hard worker and fun to interact with. I recommend her highly."

KEN HARRIS, Former Practice Administrator, Guthrie Clinic

"I've had many opportunities to observe and experience Michelle's excellent work. Michelle is unparalleled when it comes to the quality of her work, customer focus and reaching her goals. Michelle is easy to work with, yet possesses high standards, and a clear vision designed to bring people together and ensure everyone is heard."

ANGELA NOBLE-GRANGE, Sr Lecturer/ Consultant, Cornell Business School

"You have an extraordinary talent with words. Like Maya Angelou, your words on the page are beautiful, surpassed only by hearing them spoken by your voice."


Director, Women's Leadership Center, Alfred University

"We had Michelle Courtney Berry to Alfred University to speak about "Super Women," owning and cherishing your own life, dismantling expectations and finding joy. Our students LOVED her!"


2013 Tewaaraton Award Recipient (#1 Male LAX Player in the US)- Professional Lacrosse Player

"Something in my game was off and I wasn't playing at the level I wanted to. I really enjoyed Michelle's reiki and coaching and had one of my best week of practices of the year with multiple people coming up to me and commenting on me looking really ...


Photographer, Portland, Oregon

"I was extremely moved by your meditation. Thank you Michelle!"

PUJA DEEPANJALI SAPKOTA, The Global Fund, Geneva, Switzerland

"Michelle, incredible moments you beautifully put it into words during our group meditation. Thank you. You are a gift!"

VIDETTE MACK VANDERWEIDE,CEO, I Am Soul Mama, Laguna Niguel, California

"Michelle! Your meditation was phenomenal, thank you SO much!"

TEE MING OOI,CEO, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

"Thank you for the gift of your presence and your amazing meditation! Love to you!"


"Thank you for being a part of the first ever TEDxIthaca College! Your passion, drive, and creativity were infectious and we were honored to have you as one of our wonderful speakers! We appreciated your commitment to the event and to 

CAL WALKER, Immediate Past Exec. Director of The Village

"Your one-woman play, Labor, is the funniest play I have ever seen Thank for your gifts. They are blessings for our community."



RICHARD A. BUCCI, Former Mayor, City of Binghamton

"As a member of my team, Michelle possessed solid communication skills and interacted very well with diverse constituencies. She had a positive attitude about her position and its responsibilities. Most importantly she enjoyed working with people."

ALAN J. COHEN, Former Mayor, City of Ithaca

"What comes through the most in Michelle's speaking is her passion for everything she does, which translates into an infectious enthusiasm that others cannot help but share. When she speaks on any topic, you experience it with her in a tangible way that transcends any and all boundaries."

DR. WENMOUTH WILLIAMS, Former Department Chair, Park School of Communications at Ithaca College

"My experiences with Michelle at Ithaca College were exceptional. She worked tirelessly with our students. She was a task-master in setting high expectations for them which is critical to success not only in teaching but also as a public servant. I was very impressed with her range and depth."

DANIELLE STRAUSBURG KLOCK, Executive Director, Sisters of the Road, Portland, Oregon

"I went to Michelle to get unstuck. What I feel today is serenity, and an absolute absence of anger and fear. I feel at peace- gentle, yet alive. Thank you, Michelle Courtney Berry, for your tremendous care, skill, and beauty. What a gift you are."

SUZI MUNOZ, Marketing Expert

"In my first session with Michelle, she intuitively uncovered blockages and stress that I had tucked away, hidden from even myself. Also, when she laid her hands on me to offer me reiki healing energy, the pain in my wrist that I'd had for a long time disappeared." 

SANDRA RUBIO, CEO/Imix Consulting, Bogota, Columbia

"Thank you Michelle, your meditation took me to amazing places of peace where water was flowing and children were playing."

SCOTT DOUGLAS ARTHUR WAGES, Sales Leader/ Biotech Major

"God, this lady is brilliant...Seldom do I see more cogent, humanist/trans-humanist, PRACTICAL philosophy espoused by a single individual, and ALWAYS in the name of love and greater understanding of ourselves, and our world."

MARY GEORGE OPPERMAN, VP of Human Resources, Cornell University

"Michelle, thank you for your terrific presentation at our fall Human Resources Community meeting! You are very engaging and I know the group appreciated your humor and your great advice."


Best-selling Author and CEO, Point of Contact Group

"Michelle is funny, genuine, accessible, and knows her stuff. She has a clear game plan to dramatically improve your life - in as little as seven days. Book Michelle and you'll be inspired, uplifted, and entertained!"

SONYA KROLIK, MD, Kaiser Permanente, Arlington, VA

"Michelle your meditation moved me and pulled me closer to my heart's intentions."

AWARD COMMITTEE   20 Outstanding Women You Should Know

"As a legislator, entrepreneur, journalist, teacher, consultant, performer, poet and friend, Michelle is the epitome of strength, service, and grace. She has the courage fight for difficult issues until they're resolved."

JB OWEN, CEO, Be Your Quintessence Now,  Kelowna, British Columbia

"Your words were so beautiful and touching. I loved everything you said and completely agree as if said from my own heart. Thank you for your blessed spirit."

SUZANA JELOVECKI, Owner, Root and Branches, Acupuncture

"Michelle, I wanted to thank you for your heartfelt Monday evening meditation.- I came guided by the impulse, like a wind...I hadn't even checked your credentials, and when I arrived I was amazed knew I was meant to be there."

CATHERINE BURROUGHS, Prof ofEnglish, Wells College

"Your reading/performance was outstanding. The images and gestures that you created with your words, voice and body will be with me for a long time. I was so moved by your daring, your brilliance and by your passionate humanity."

ROBERT HUBBELL, Entrepreneur and Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA

"As a Councilperson, Michelle exhibited a keen eye for issues relevant to her district. She exhibited the wisdom, business savvy and foresight to tackle long ranging social, environmental, and economic issues impacting the City as a whole. She worked tirelessly."


Faculty, Cornell University and Former Chair, Tompkins County Legislature

"Michelle is a powerful, intelligent and inspirational speaker who tailors her message to the audience and keeps results in mind. In terms of performing, her poetry and readings at the Light in Winter Festival and one-woman shows were memorable"


Executive Director, 7th Art Corporation

"Michelle's contribution to the arts and to our community during her tenure as Tompkins County's Poet Laureate cannot be overstated. Through her readings, workshops, and performances, she embodied the vision for the position to integrate poetry into all of our lives."