21 Day Gratitude Challenge

21 Day Gratitude Challenge


As a special, complimentary gift to YOU - please take this 21-Day Gratitude Challenge and start making those vital links between gratitude, health, and wealth! 

Research shows that it generally takes at least 21 days to develop or change a habit. When building a new habit, it’s advisable to start slowly and to be kind to yourself. I encourage you to use the Working Well, one day at a time® method. That’s my company’s trademark philosophy and it encourages you to start any new challenge by being kind and patient with yourself—one step at a time, one day at a time.

This 21-Day Gratitude Challenge is easy because you simply jot down what you’re “most grateful for” each day. Just use a word or a short sentence to capture what you are “most grateful for” each day. Even if you have a “bad” day, you can even find gratitude in whatever lesson that unpleasantness brings. For instance, I used to “hibernate” in the winter because I don’t really like being cold.

However, after an exceptionally severe winter last year, I actually remembered that I grew up skiing and playing in the snow! Now, instead of complaining about the cold, I am grateful for another season and another form of exercise in the elements!

The 21-Day Gratitude Challenge also includes a daily inspirational quote to both guide and inspire you.  When you’ve completed the 21-day challenge, new neural pathways will have formed and you will continue with your new habit of expressing gratitude every day, for life. Research shows that actually, 40% of our daily actions aren’t decisions, but actually habits. Those habits can either be beneficial or detrimental. This challenge is designed to ensure that you derive greater positive benefits out of each and every day.

Studies show that being aware of what you’re grateful for and documenting that gratitude will decrease stress, improve health and enhance your overall health and well-being. Other benefits of daily devotion to documenting gratitude on a daily basis are numerous.

Enjoy this 21-Day Gratitude Challenge as MY gift to you. Then do let me know how you feel AFTER you've completed the 21-day challenge.

I'd LOVE To hear from you. 

Namaste with Love,


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