Sanity in Business Training

Sanity in Business Training


“To Your Health & Sanity!  How to Conquer Big Business… Without Sacrificing Your Well-Being”

Taking on big corporate clients doesn't mean sacrificing your health, well-being, freedom, or fun.

In this session of "Landing Corporate Clients: The Virtual Summit," Michelle Courtney Berry shares her expert tips for getting better sleep, staying healthy and setting boundaries that help you put YOUR priorities first.

Michelle is interviewed by 7-figure business woman/entrepreneur -Angelique Rewers - CEO of the Corporate Agent and host of the Landing Corporate Clients. 

Listen in - as Michelle, a stress management expert, is interviewed by Angelique,  "the nation's #1 micro business mentor for landing high-paying top corporate clients" (Inc. Magazine).

Angelique Rewers and Michelle Courtney Berry, met as the two shared a stage and audience at a recent national entrepreneur's conference for women at Cornell University.  

In Angelique's words, "from the moment Michelle began her talk, I put down my iPhone, which rare for me to do...she grabbed my attention from start to finish.  Michelle is one of the most impressive people I've met in a long time."

Listen as these two powerhouse women share insider secrets on how to stay healthy, sane and prosperous in business!  The information you'll glean in this content-rich training program is priceless! 

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