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  • Motivation & Movement – The key to bolstering profits and morale
  • Positive Living – Michelle's "15 second rule" and other ways to stamp out negativity
  • Happiness at Work – How to make happiness a habit to reduce stress
  • Sleep – Why sleep your greatest link to success, health
  • Gratitude – How building gratitude into your daily life reaps wealth and health
  • Abundance – How to re-wire your brain for abundant, positive living
  • Calm – The key to "Zentrifying" your life in five easy, MINDFUL ways
  • Anxiety and depression – How to heal trauma naturally and effectively


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Compassionate coaching, combined with laser-focused, mentoring are powerful and dynamic approaches that I draw upon daily. My systematic, patient, and mindful approach has helped hundreds of individuals and teams eliminate barriers that stand between them and achieving the life of their dreams. When used effectively, both can help you bolster morale, confidence and leadership skills while also fortifying all levels of your communication (interpersonal and personal). When used effectively, mentoring and coaching yield a powerful 300% ROI in your company's wellness portfolio.  As a qualified coach and mentor for over 10 years, I provide a professional executive coaching and mentoring practice for chief executives, entrepreneurs and other team leaders in both the public and private sectors. 



I provide in house training design and delivery for organizations, businesses and industries. This can be a one-off workshop or or it can be a more comprehensively developed program for your team, department, or retreat engagement. Although I have several programs and packages, all are custom-tailored to reinforce your mission and overall program objectives. With over 20 years of experience in brand management, risk communication, health and wellness, as well as dealing with conflict and challenging situations, I have broad, global experience in helping groups and teams of any size reduce tension, build self-awareness and manage change, particularly as it relates to personal, professional and inter-generational challenges. 








When groups or teams desire to make changes or fundamental "upgrade" to how they do business, I'm deeply experienced in helping them get from "point A to point B." Whether it's creating a new strategy or plan, a retreat or Board meeting, a committee needing to build capacity or any group that just requires some good thinking on how to reduce conflict, I am here to help. I find that facilitation works best by building trust and collegiality at the start between the members. Whether it's through a group exercise, or us all huddled around the same document or whiteboard, what matters most is that we take your good ideas, generate new ones and come to one accord as to how you plan to proceed, work, live and play together, moving forward.  Rather than discouraging discomfort, we'll encourage it as a sign of true growth and understanding! 



About Michelle Courtney Berry, CEO of Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC -  

Michelle is a high-energy, humorous and engaging, collaborative speaker and trainer with a unique ability to help enable you to TRANSFORM your teams today, rather than just providing the information you probably already know about stress and wellness. Recognized as "one of the 9 meditation teachers to follow," Michelle has taught meditation and other stress reduction techniques for leading Ivy-League universities and for companies such as Gannett Newspapers and IBM (of the Fortune 500) to global business leaders and famous athletes and leading non-profits,  such as The United Way, among others.

Over the past 20 years, Michelle and her team have worked with some of the world's most progressive entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries in business, industry, defense, government, education, hospitality, transportation and health care. Since 1990, she's worked with thousands of audiences around the world, devoting her life to helping leaders and other visionaries and teams heal from unmitigated stress so they can lead happier lives and enjoy authentic work-life integration.  As an award-winning entrepreneur, meditation teacher, author, frequent commentator and a leader of a popular Finger Lakes  hiking/fitness group with more than 350 members, Michelle has also been featured on PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, Men’s Fitness and more. 

She's also walked on fire, climbed one of the highest peaks in the Adirondacks, sung and told stories in a remote village in Africa, appeared on “Good Morning America,” and received praised from Oprah Winfrey for her work raising funds for children of US veterans.  Michelle has opened for and shared stages and praise from such international icons as The Dalai Lama, Mos Def, Howard Zinn and Maya Angelou.

Her riveting, inspiring, insightful and inspirational talks and keen facilitation style far and wide, to audiences from around the globe at conferences, workplaces and locales from USA, Mexico, Canada and Africa. Michelle is also an internationally-certified Health & Wellness Coach and a Reiki Master Teacher and expert group conflict negotiator.