If you'd like COLLABORATE with me, there are SEVERAL WAYS I CAN HELP YOU. 

*Coaching   *Facilitation    *Wellness Retreats    *Keynote Speaking/Stand-Up Comedy

                                                             WORKING WITH MICHELLE COURTNEY BERRY

*For speaking and appearances - at conferences and retreats -


*Want to work one-on-one to get your LIFE IN GEAR and YOUR WELLNESS IN STEP?

Then get COACHED, but you must APPLY HERE FIRST. 


*Discovery Call

*Working Well, one day at a time  - 3-Month Coaching Package

*2-Day or Weekend Intensive Breakthrough Package

* Discovery Call - FREE CALL to determine if we're the right fit for one another. SCHEDULE ONE HERE.

* For prospective coaching clients it's a blessing to have time to just speak together to learn more. Please note – this is not a free coaching session. The purpose of this call is so that we can get acquainted and explore your ideals, goals, and challenges. This is also a great way to make sure that you get the coaching package that is right for you and to answer any questions.

Working Well, one day at a time ®  – Transformative Coaching Program for Total Wellness

3-month program – targeted, step-by-step transformative life and wellness coaching

Are you ready to “Take the Leap” towards a new outlook, life plan, or job venture?

Would you like to make some bold new changes that put YOU at the center of your life?  

Are you ready to embrace a NEW WAY of seeing yourself, your life, the way you work, how you live, and relate to yourself an others?  

Being this bold can mean taking big risks, particularly when it comes to your own self-care. It can be scary to also put yourself FIRST.

Yet it’s SO rewarding, especially when it’s done with the help of an experienced and certified life coach for stress reduction and wellness who’s been there—and knows what’s it’s like to climb out of putting yourself last, out of the well of depression, and from the feelings of complete exhaustion and overwhelm in order to forge a new path for enjoying your life.

The secret to reinventing your life and transforming how to you think about your life, your work-life integration, and your family, is to first go to YOUR  CORE. That’s the first step, you find out what is driving you, what’s holding you back, and how to use your instincts and talents to move forward.

In essence, you work outwardly, to ensure that you work first to START WHERE YOU ARE, not where you WERE or where you PLAN TO BE. But right now, right here, today.  As you start working from the core, peeling away your barriers, your negative self-talk, your own hurdles, you are able to work outwardly from that core work.  

From there, we move to envisioning the future, and YOU are in the driver’s seat, able to map out a whole new route for yourself – a route that your heart longs to take, that your body longs to move toward, and that your intuitive mind already knows about.

Now you’ll have a “new outlook” that reflects more and more of your truest self, your deepest desires, and your truest, most authentic dreams for every facet of your life.

Think if it as a “YOU MAKEOVER” and tune-up – that we take together, one day at a time, one step at a time.

In three-months, you will see how with commitment to CORE WORK, you will be “Working Well, one day at a time® - with just that first step.

This is my TRUE passion and it’s the reason why I’ve been able to work with so many amazing people from all over the world.

I personally created the “working well” trademarked process – through grueling hours of putting myself through the process along with clients all over the world. I don’t ask clients to do what I’m not willing to do myself.

The self-work is the hardest work. I know it inside and out, and I can walk with you, through each and every hurdle, process, and every step (both literally and figuratively).

This package is for you if:

You want to experience your life from the INSIDE – OUT – giving due respect and deep acknowledgment to your wildest dreams.
You know intuitively that you have a more meaningful and passionate life calling to you and you’re ready to answer the call.
You are ready to rebuild, re-tool, and reactivate your work, your life (at every level – familial, romantic, you name it)!

What’s included?

• 12 – 60-75 min focused coaching sessions via phone or in the award-winning, beautiful outdoors of the Finger Lakes (where I live and work).

• Priority email support for the duration of your coaching.

• A complimentary e-book on “Eating Well and Sleeping Well.”

3 month phone coaching program-  4 – sessions/month – 1,500 – Phone Only

3 month in-person w/exercise - coaching program – 4 sessions/month - 1,800 -  In-Person Nature Experience

  • Payments – Phone  - 500 per month – paid at the start of each session for the entire month   -  

  • $300 discount for all three months paid in advance -  1,200 for the three month experience

  • Payments -  In-Person Excursions – 600 per month – paid at the start of each session for that month –

  • $300 discount for all three months paid in advance -  1,500 for the three month experience


“Working Well” 3-Day Breakthrough Experience (Tues-Thurs or Fri-Sun – includes 2 nights lodging and perks)!

 This is my most impactful and yes, expensive program, so you'll need to both apply and often wait on a waiting list - as these spots fill up quickly and I only work with a handful of people each year.   INQUIRE & APPLY! 

  • Sometimes it only takes a weekend to make a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH – do you need to get unstuck? Start or finish a business plan, a book, an outline for a project, a new template for your ENTIRE LIFE? We’ve got you covered.

  • Spend 3 DAYS of concentrated time with your CORE as the focus in terms of your inside-out self-investigation, your actual CORE in terms of movement on a challenging 10-mile hike, and uninterrupted focus on what’s making you tick, what’s not helping it stick, and the breakthrough coaching you need to MOVE FORWARD in work, life, and in love.

  • Everything you really want, a better sense of focus, of self, more income, exploding your business, easily persuading others, having more of what you long for, is all connected to YOU and how you can move past whatever is HOLDING YOU BACK.

  • Move from HESITATION to MASSIVE ACTION with an intensive package that includes lodging, meditation/reiki/relaxation, an innervating, physically challenging hike in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Finger Lakes, and time for quiet, rest, AND work!

  • Fly into or travel by car to Ithaca, NY in the heart of the award-winning Finger Lakes Region, world-renowned for its amazingly breathtaking gorges, waterfalls, farm-to-table environmentalism, wineries, and more!


 • My no-hassle, money-back guarantee is simple.  If for any reason you decide during or immediately after our first session that my coaching is not for you, don’t worry, I will gladly issue you a full refund for the complete package, including your first session.  

• Priority email support – Whether you have a question between sessions or just want to update me on your progress, I offer priority email support throughout the course of our contracted work together.

 I will pick up the cost of the call if you live in the United States and Canada – Regardless of your location or time zone, I pay for the call and I make the call to you at our set time for appointment. If you live outside of these two countries, and if you don’t have Skype, or you have the option of calling me.

• Session recordings available – Session recordings have some great advantages and I can certainly record our call so you don't have to worry about remembering everything we discussed, taking notes, etc. 

 Kindly use this contact form to request your free consultation call or to discuss any coaching related questions or concerns you might have.

 I am truly looking forward to helping you breakthrough to a new level of personal or professional success. In the future, you will look back on this experience as one of the wisest and most rewarding decisions you have ever made.

. . . Now it’s time to take the LEAP and start getting the results you've been waiting for!