Michelle Courtney Berry
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I help overworked visionaries lead healthier, happier lives filled with mindful self-care, unshakable confidence & limitless abundance.

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Eat Well

Michelle Courtney Berry, an internationally-certified Health and Wellness Coach is a National Ambassador for Simple Green Smoothies. As a member of her Wellness Tribe, you’ll get immediate access to some of the best weight loss challenges and cleanses, delicious free recipes, free health tips, and easy-to-use information on quick-start meals for today’s busy families. Click on the link below and LEARN MORE about Simple Green Smoothies and ways you cam start eating clean, whole foods, that taste great and are easy to make.


Move Well

Michelle Courtney Berry, MPS, CISD, RMT is a certified coach, trainer, and experienced outdoor enthusiast and educator. She has been leading, organizing, promoting, and participating in outdoor recreational excursions for most of her life. She believes, as do many leading scientists and health experts, that being out in nature is one of the best ways to stay fit and be well physically, mentally, emotionally, and at the cellular level. Find out how to join one of her mind, body, and spiritual excursions today!


Work Well

Burnout at work saps millions of lives each day and costs trillions of dollars. Our days get longer and our time for friends, family, hobbies, is severely limited. We work too hard and play too little. Our health and economy are suffering and our time for self-care is non-existent. Find out how to make self-care a priority, while inculcating wellness at work at every level. Retain more people. Earn more. Inspire more. Click on the button below to find out how we can work together to increase morale, build stronger teams, and stronger economies.


Feel Well

As a national Ambassador for Simple Green Smoothies, Michelle brings you THE best health and wellness advice, free recipes, and affordable cleanses and meal plans filled with nutritious whole foods, delicious soups, delectable dishes, and simple programs designed for weight loss, total wellness, and healthier, happier, lives. Michelle has lost inches, pounds, and ditched a lifelong addiction to sugar by following the Simple Green Smoothies way of life. So come on, #rawkstar what are you waiting for? Click on the link and get started today!


Retreat Well

Upcoming Events & Excursions

 Get Fit Before Winter Hits! Sign up today:  www.meetup.com/Enough-Already

Get Fit Before Winter Hits! Sign up today: www.meetup.com/Enough-Already

Hiking, Biking, & Walking Meditations
Oct-Dec 2018

Find out what nearly 500 people already know. Michelle’s “Enough Already, Get Moving, Start Losing (weight, baggage, negative energy) club is one of the most fun area fitness clubs to join. Add in that its part of the new non-profit, America Rises, Inc. that she will launch in 2019. And its a win-win. So get on in!

Eating For Health and Spiritual Wealth
January 2019

We will start the New Year with a tour of some local places and spaces the value your health and wellness, with a unique opportunity to take a 21-Day Health and Spiritual Wealth Challenge. Sign up to hear more when the experience unfolds!

June 2019

We will be hiking and camping in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region and the stunning Hudson Valley region. Organizers are busy planning the trip and you can sign up below to be the first to learn the details as they unfold.


Meet Michelle


Official bio of Michelle Courtney Berry (for Introductions)

Michelle Courtney Berry is an author, speaker, trainer, coach, actor, performing artist, poet, and nature lover who helps improve the quality of people’s lives by helping them manage stress, time, conflict, and competing priorities. The Founder and CEO of Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC and the Founding Director of America Rises, Inc., Michelle is an intrepid orator, a two-time TEDx speaker, an internationally-recognized meditation teacher, an internationally-certified stress reduction expert, health and wellness coach, and Reiki Master Teacher. She has also opened for The Dalai Lama, Howard Zinn, and Dr. Maya Angelou.

As a young TV reporter, she covered The White House and Capitol Hill during a US drought while President Ronald Reagan was in office. Michelle went on to use her journalism training to work in community relations, public relations, and crisis communications from some of America’s top colleges and universities, and some of its biggest industries, corporations, and non-profits. Michelle has won numerous community relations, communications marketing, women’s advocacy awards, and business citations, including an “Economic Development Champion” award from Center State CEO and recognition in her region’s “People’s Choice” Awards from the Ithaca Times Readers’ Poll as: “Best New Common Council Member,” “Best Local Legislator,” and “Best Actor/Actress.”

Michelle has appeared on “Good Morning America," PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, iHeartMedia, in Gannett Newspapers, numerous podcasts, in national TV commercials, print, and Facebook ads representing an international wellness brand, and in Men’s Fitness, in which she was tapped to discuss the communication style of President Donald Trump.

Her work in fundraising for children with parents in the US military was recognized by Oprah Winfrey and O-Magazine during the 10-year celebration of the magazine in New York City. Michelle has also been recognized and awarded honors from national organizations, including accepting, on behalf of her chapter as its Founding President, “The Top Aspiring Chapter Award” from the National Association for Professional Women (NAPW) President Star Jones.

To date, Michelle has delivered more than 3,500 keynotes, addresses, and inspirational speeches around the world. The Founder of the highly-praised Life Flow Plan ™ coaching system, she holds a graduate degree in Organizational Communication from Cornell University and a dual BA-degree in English, Literature, and Rhetoric and Political Science, from Harpur College at Binghamton University where she minored in Public Affairs Communication and was her college’s Commencement Speaker. She is currently a national Ambassador for the global Simple Green Smoothies brand.

Michelle lives with her family in the “gorges” Finger Lakes Region of New York.